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Buitenbeeld 2 PXL Ne XT

EAPRIL 2024 will take place in Belgium! Together with PXL University of applied sciences and arts, the conference will be hosted from November 26 - 28, 2024 in the lovely city of Hasselt!


Hogeschool PXL (PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts) is a university of applied sciences and art located in Belgian Limburg, “the heart of the Euregion”. The university is divided into nine departments, with several campuses spread across the municipalities of Hasselt and Diepenbeek.

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts is a young, dynamic and vibrant organisation; a centre of expertise for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

PXL offers professional bachelor programs, master programs and associate degree programs in the study field of business, education, healthcare, IT, media&tourism, music, social work and technology, and bachelor and master programs in arts.

Our mission @ PXL: PXL University of Applied Sciences professionalises people and organisations, contributing to prosperity and well-being.

Our vision @ PXL: PXL University of Applied Sciences wants to continue to allow its students (junior colleagues) and staff to grow as excellent professionals and, together with its partners, to continue to grow as an excellent professional organisation through a strong interweaving of education, research, services and practice of the arts

PXL Research – “Education innovation”

PXL-Research coordinates the research and scientific services within Hogeschool PXL.

The Expertise Centre PXL “Education Innovation” sets the course for tomorrow's education and is your research partner for innovative designs of educational processes for young and old. PXL Education Innovation focuses on practice-oriented scientific research and services that lead to real innovation in educational practice. Our research focuses on 2 spearheads: inclusive education and authentic learning.


At Hogeschool PXL, you will find everything you need under one roof.

PXL-NeXT, the centre for lifelong learning, meetings and events, located on the campus of Hogeschool PXL.

With a wide range of training rooms, meeting & conference rooms, auditoriums, expo & trade fair spaces, foyers and a digital learning centre, we offer a multifunctional infrastructure that can accommodate all types of business events.

Our PXL NeXT team is committed to maximising customer satisfaction.

PXL-Catering: Healthy and Trendy

Our PXL-Catering, winner of a Gault&Millau award for hospitality and customer engagement in 2023, is also known for its healthy cuisine. With creative concepts that combine quality, surprise and experience, we offer our guests an inspiring and memorable culinary experience.


PXL University College's Pop and Rock Music bachelor program offers a unique musical education, one-of-a-kind in the Benelux. Here, talented artists of all kinds find suitable stages and eager audiences.

Conference address: PXL NEXT building D, Elfde-liniestraat 23a, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium


The network works. Fostering authentic learning and community engagement.

The 18th annual EAPRIL conference will be jointly organised by EAPRIL and PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts and will revolve around the theme ‘The network works. Fostering authentic learning and community engagement.’

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts is committed to an educational concept rooted in authenticity, innovation, and co-creation, exemplified by the PXL-MiXed learning model. This model aligns with contemporary educational theories, emphasizing authentic learning and collaboration with the working field to redefine the educational experience. At the core of PXL’s educational philosophy is the PXL model, a framework that integrates authentic context, professional processes, and critical reflection, ensuring a seamless blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. This model prioritizes continuous coordination and balance between learning environments and the professional field. Five clusters of activities, ranging from discipline-based development to practice-oriented research, provide a diverse and comprehensive learning experience. By implementing authentic learning, we are not just preparing students theoretically but committing to equip them with the skills and knowledge crucial for success in real-world complexities. The collaboration-focused model emphasizes bridging the gap between academic theory and practical application, empowering students to thrive in evolving professional landscapes. PXL invites educational researchers and practitioners to explore the potential benefits and challenges of learning with the working field. Through collaboration, shared insights, and a commitment to innovation, we aim to contribute to the broader conversation on educational practices that inspire a lifelong love for learning.

The mission of EAPRIL aligns seamlessly with the theme of 'The network works. Fostering authentic learning and community engagement.' Both entities share a dedication to enhancing learning experiences through practice-based research and community collaboration. EAPRIL's commitment to bridging practice, research, and policy resonates with PXL's emphasis on authenticity, innovation, and co-creation. As PXL invites educational researchers and practitioners to explore the potential benefits and challenges of learning in collaboration with the working field, EAPRIL's supportive community becomes a catalyst for shared insights, collaboration, and the advancement of innovative educational practices.


The registrations for EAPRIL 2024 are now open!



Preliminary Programme

EAPRIL 24: preliminery prorgamme

School visits

On Monday November 25th, we are giving you the opportunity to get a real taste of the local educational practice in Hasselt, Belgium. There are 4 different school visits available, which you can consult below.

When you register for the conference, you can purchase your ticket for the school visit of your choice, which costs €40 and includes a guided visit to the school, transportation from and to the school and lunch. All visits will take place from morning until noon and all at the same time, you can not attend 2 school visits. Tickets are limited so make sure to place your order on time once registrations open!

Visit 1: Innovative secondary education inspired by the Scandinavian education model

Visit 2: Secundary arts education (dual learning)

Visit 3: powerful primary education for children

Visit 4: Higher Education PXL

Social Event: Walking & Tasting Tour of Hasselt

Stad Hasselt dronebeeld campagne 2

Looking to connect with your colleagues outside the conference and explore Hasselt simultaneously? We got you covered! Join us for a two-hour tour led by a guide who will reveal Hasselt's hidden gems and make multiple stops for you to savor local delicacies.

Date: Monday November 25 @ 15:00 CET
€30 per person (Excl. VAT)

You can book this tour via the conference system.

Keynote speakers

Meet the EAPRIL 2024 keynote speakers!


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The discount code is valid for bookings between 25 and 29 november 2024 with a minimum of two nights.


YUP Hotel

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Submissions for EAPRIL 2024 are now closed!


Consult our general submission guidelines below.
For format-specific guidelines, click on the highlighted name of each format below.

General Submission Guidelines

Present And Discuss symbol 1

Present & Discuss

Present & discuss sessions allow delegates to present their research and findings in an in-depth manner. These presentations are individually submitted and have data and results to present. Three Present & Discuss proposals are clustered together, based on similarities in topic, methodology and/or objectives. Each presenter is offered 15 minutes presentation time followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion. At the end of all presentations, a 15-minute collective discussion is organised by the chair.

Present & Discuss sessions consist of 3 linked presentations that are scheduled together in a 90-minute session.

Symposium Symbol


Symposia provide an opportunity to present research on one topic, often from multiple perspectives, through a coherent set of papers. Symposia sessions are directed by a chair, involving three presenters and one discussant. Each presenter will be offered 15 minutes to present their research. Afterwards, the discussant has 15 minutes to present their reflections on the preceding presentations and to introduce one or two general statements to the delegates. This is followed by a general 30-minute discussion to discuss the theme of the symposium and the related statements in-depth.

Symposia are scheduled for 90 minutes.

Workshop Symbol


Workshops are a highly interactive, collaborative session format that shows the application of the outcomes of a research project. Learning-by-doing, hands-on experience and engaging in in-depth active learning are central characteristics of workshops. Creative and/or innovative approaches are encouraged, such as brainstorming, associating, panel discussion, role play, debating, voting on statements, think tank, flipping-the-classroom, systemic approaches, simulations, mystery guest and so on. Please consider any type of media to support interactivity.

Workshops are scheduled for 90 minutes.

Case Study Symbol

Case Study

In a case study session practitioners are invited to present a case from practice. A research component can be added to this session, but this is not a required condition. Instead, the floor is given to practitioners who wish to share their experiences when designing, implementing or evaluating a practice in class / school / college / university / workplace. In this format, there is more time for reflection and in-depth discussion about the case via a hands-on approach. Within one session two thematically linked case studies are clustered together. Each practitioner is offered 20 minutes to present their case followed by 25 minutes that are dedicated to an in-depth discussion with the audience.

A case study session consists of two linked case studies and is scheduled for 90 minutes.

Poster Symbol


A poster communicates the main ideas, objectives, results and conclusions of an ongoing research project or study. Posters provide a great starting point for discussion about your work with interested and knowledgeable researchers. Each presenter will be given 3-5 minutes to present his/her poster. Afterwards, the delegates have time to ask questions or start an in-depth discussion with the presenters. Finally, a general discussion (10-15 minutes) will take place in which the main ideas, conclusions and directions for future research and practice are discussed.

A number (circa 3-5) of posters are clustered thematically in a session of 90 minutes.



A roundtable session focuses on unfinished or starting projects. In other words, the research projects don't have to have actual results but can be starting or early research. This type of session will not be set-up as a formal presentation but rather as a talk between colleagues. No formal presentation by means of a slideshow presentation is expected. Instead, a 1 A4-handout is advised for the participants of your session that summarises the main ideas and questions central in the discussion. Each presenter will be offered 15 minutes to outline both the main ideas and objectives of the project, as well as the question, problem and/or challenge(s) that they want to present to the audience. This is followed by a 30-minutes discussion per research project.

Two submissions are scheduled together in a timeslot of 90 minutes.

Award logo


The EAPRIL Best Practice-Based Research Award wishes to acknowledge an outstanding and innovative project that deals with learning and development in the workplace and educational field. More specifically, practice-based research which has a profound impact on the development of both theory and practice is particularly of interest.

At the EAPRIL Conference the nominated projects get the chance to present their project during an exclusive plenary Award Session. The winner will be announced on the last day of the conference.

Logo meet ups

Meet up

A Meet up aims to provide an opportunity for delegates to explore and discuss collaboration in starting practice-based projects or research. This session requires no formal presentation but is intended to meet up with colleagues in a more informal context to explore and discuss potential partnerships or collaborations.

This year no formal submission is needed for this format, a separate call will be sent around via email. Should you want more information, you can contact us at info@eapril.org.

Review Proces

The review process is the most important aspect of organizing the EAPRIL conference and is invaluable in ensuring the quality of submissions and, consequently, in enhancing the overall experience for our conference participants. We ask of each reviewer to review 2 - 4 submissions.


When the submission deadline has passed the review process will start. This process consists of two rounds:

- In the first round all proposals will be reviewed by two reviewers.

-In the second round all proposals that received a discrepant result in the first round will be reviewed by a third reviewer.

Results will be announced once these two round have been concluded.

How do I sign up?

  1. Log in to your user account via this link.
  2. Navigate to the "My Reviews" Tab, where you'll find an overview of the active conferences.
  3. Select the EAPRIL 2024 conference and click on "I want to become a reviewer for this conference".
  4. Enter your research domains, interest groups, and keywords. This information will assist us in matching submissions that align closely with your areas of expertise.

Review Guidelines

Funding for presenters

The EAPRIL Board of Directors is committed to being an inclusive community and wants to provide the opportunity to researchers with little access to funds to also present and attend the EAPRIL conference. Therefore, we are starting with a new funding for presenters initiative. In this first year, we can offer a waived conference fee for two conference delegates.

You are eligible for the waived conference fee if you match the four following criteria:

  • You work in a low GDP country (based on the world bank)
  • You submitted a Present & Discuss presentation
  • You included your full paper as an attachment in your submission (blind for peer review)
  • You contacted EAPRIL office at info@eapril.org to request to be considered for funding

After the EAPRIL 24 review procedure is concluded, the two highest scoring Present & Discuss proposals will receive the waived conference fee for EAPRIL 2024.

About Hasselt

WEB Visit Hasselt t Sweerdt 013 2 jpg

Hasselt is the vibrant heart of Limburg, where the charm of a small town converges with the lively energy of a cultural hub. Hasselt, the pearl of the east, beckons you to explore its cobblestone streets, embraced by historic buildings and modern delights.

- Hasselt as “Capital of Good Taste”, where fashion and gastronomy are reason enough to make you want to visit the city. Embodying the art of seeing and being seen, Hasselt also stands as a bastion of quality care, pioneering research, and innovation.

Discover Hasselt's cultural richness as its cozy streets and lanes showcase over 80 works of art by international artists. For fashion enthusiasts, a tour of the Hasselt Fashion Museum awaits, featuring a stunning collection and exhibitions. Meanwhile, the newly relocated Z33 – House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture stands as an international innovator in its striking new premises. Dive into Hasselt's renowned shopping scene, where refined shops and boutiques house a treasure trove of artisanal delights and trendy finds.

You can immerse yourself in a myriad of winter activities and attractions. Explore the festive Christmas market 'Winterland' for unique gifts and Indulge in winter delicacies at the food and drink stands.

Prepare to be captivated by this enchanting city, for once you've experienced its charms, you'll yearn to return time and time again. Find out more about what the city has to offer via VisitHasselt.be.


Conference chair:

Wouter Hustinx (Research Director PXL)

Local Committee:

Tine Aelter (PXL Head of the Central Office of Education)

Vincent Vanrusselt (PXL Head of Center for Digital Learning)

Frédérique Meertens (Senior Eventmanager PXL-NeXT)

Hanne Luts (Lector & Researcher PXL)

Important Dates

  • 8 February

  • April 25

  • May 15

  • 17 June

  • 20 June

  • 17 September

  • 24 September

  • 26 - 28 November