EAPRIL enables its members to engage in critical dialogue, to interact with colleagues in their field and to take part in international current debates.

Through its networks and activities EAPRIL actively encourages cooperation between practitioner-researchers.


Membership Benefits


Enjoy the support of a large community of practitioner-reseachers, practitioners and policy makers in education and learning with year-round activities (webinars, seminars, fishbowls, mini-conferences), opportunities to interact with specialists in their field and find partnerships.


EAPRIL's annual conference is unique in its approach and its focus on the crossroads between research and practice but also between education and professional learning. EAPRIL members enjoy conference fees at a reduced rate.


Receive regular newsletters with current research & best practices, as well as advance notification of Cloud Activities and event sign-ups, EAPRIL proceedings and Frontline Learning Publications.


EAPRIL supports several Clouds, or thematic platforms for networking and discussion (hubs) among those practitioners who are interested and specialised in similar fields of research. Cloud membership is free for all EAPRIL members.

Get involved

EAPRIL welcomes active involvement of its members in all aspects of the association: make your voice heard about future strategies and policies, propose a new theme for the development of a cloud, take on cloud leadership, apply to become an EAPRIL board member, ...


EAPRIL offers two membership rates, depending on your career stage.
Please note that EAPRIL membership runs per calendar year.

* Student membership requires a subscription to an educational programme (bachelor, master or PhD programme). Student membership is only granted after a proof of student status is approved by the EAPRIL office. If we do not receive this formal proof, your student membership will not be activated.


For practitioners, researchers and policy makers


For bachelor, master and PhD students*

Group Membership

For large groups of students or researchers, we offer a group discount. Please note that all group members have to work or study at the same institution and subscribe together at the same time.

  • > 20 members: 10% discount
  • > 30 members: 15% discount
  • > 40 members: 20% discount
  • > 50 members: 25% discount

Contact the EAPRIL Office for more information on group membership.

Contact EAPRIL Office