Privacy Policy

EAPRIL is committed to respecting the privacy of its users, members and conference participants.

Below, you can find an overview of the personal data stored by EAPRIL as well as why we store it and what its intended use is. Should you have any further questions about our Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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VERSION DATE – 17.05.18


For each visitor of the website, we collect data about your visit. These statistics are useful to us, as we like to know who is visiting our website, how many unique visitors we reach each month, and whether we reach our target audience. This allows us to make strategic decisions in the future on how to update and improve our website so we can engage with our audience even better.
For this service, we make use of Google Analytics.

The following information is automatically collected and stored:

  • The type of browser and operating system you are using to access our website
  • The date, time and location (country) of your visit
  • Whether you are a new or returning visitor
  • The different webpages you looked at, how long for, which content you engaged with
  • Whether you were referred from another website or social media channel to our website

This information is never shared with external parties. Certain data (such as amount of unique visitors, average time per visit, ..) is included in the quarterly EAPRIL dashboard which is shared with the EAPRIL community. However, this information is only ever presented as bulk statistics.


If you wish to join EAPRIL as a member, or if you want to submit a proposal for a conference, act as a reviewer or register for a conference, you are asked to create a personal EAPRIL account at This account is uniquely linked to your e-mail address. Certain personal information is required to create the account, and is stored in your profile: salutation, first name, last name, email, password, date of birth, nationality, institute. You can also enter additional (optional) information: country of employment, invoice address, VAT number, department, fields of interest, other interests and biography.

Your personal information is stored for various purposes.

  • Primarily, having a personal EAPRIL account allows you to keep track of your membership history, conference participation and order history. It is a way of creating transparency for each EAPRIL member about their EAPRIL history.
  • Secondly, your contact details are used for communication. When you join EAPRIL as a member, one of the membership benefits entails that you are informed about EAPRIL activities, job opportunities, calls and special announcements. You can unsubscribe from our e-mails at any point, by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail.

You can also update and change your communication preferences through your account at, by selecting which content you would like to receive (under "tags").

  • Your e-mail address is also used to confirm any action you undertake in the conference tool: submission and order confirmation e-mails, invoices, payment reminders and the like are sent to your e-mail address automatically.
  • Lastly, if you intend to attend or present at one of our conferences, your name, institute and nationality are displayed in the EAPRIL conference programme as well as on your nametag. As such, we can accredit your scientific work and support our networking activities at the conference.

At all times, you can update or change your personal data in our database, through your EAPRIL account. You can also request to have your account entirely deactivated in our database by contacting the EAPRIL Office at Some information – such as membership history and orders – are stored for legal and accountancy purposes for the legally required term of seven years. At regular intervals, outdated and expired information is deleted from our systems and archive.

Your personal information is never shared with third parties for commercial ends.

EAPRIL does not provide, sell or rent members’ information to anyone outside the organisation. We make every reasonable effort to prevent any loss, misuse, disclosure or modification of personal information, as well as any unauthorised access to personal information.


When you submit a scientific proposal for a conference, you retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. Scientific content is never updated, altered or changed and always remains linked to your personal profile. Anyone acting as a reviewer for any of the EAPRIL conferences or activities is obliged to protect the confidentiality of any information supplied by the author. No confidential or scientific content may be copied or disseminated.


When placing an order through our membership and conference tool, you can opt to pay online via VISA or MasterCard. For each option, payment information is processed by EAPRIL as well as our online payment provider (Ingenico) and our bank (Europabank). Both financial providers meet all required security standards (3Dsecure, Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode).