The EAPRIL 2023 conference will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) from November 22 - 24, 2023. This conference will be jointly organised by EAPRIL, Visit Belfast and Tourism Northern Ireland, supported by the City of Belfast.

Belfast is a vibrant city with a rich and varied history, making it a perfect host for the EAPRIL conference! Home to the Titanic, which was designed, built and launched in Belfast, the city also played a key role in the Industrial Revolution, both as a major port and one of the biggest linen producing areas in the world.

Behind the scenes, we are working hard to provide all conference participants with a wonderful experience in Belfast. Watch this space as more updates and information will be made available.


One for all, all for one: Building bridges by working together

Collaboration in education and educational research is essential for providing opportunities for all. This conference focuses on the inherent challenges of bridging differences whilst working for a common goal. This collaboration may transcend many levels from classroom practice, to curriculum development and implementation, and research projects. Especially when the aim is to foster inclusivity, the challenge in collaboration is to ensure that differences between students, teachers and researchers become enriching rather than dividing.

Discovering the potential benefits of different types of collaborations is one of the main focuses of this conference. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to understand the strategies and procedures necessary to successfully collaborate in creating learning environments, research projects and innovations which offer opportunities for all. The conference will discuss the difficulties that frequently arise during the implementation of methods of collaboration and will propose answers that may be used in real-world settings.

Thought-provoking speakers, researchers, teachers and leaders in the education field will be invited to share their own experiences as well as the methods that they have found to be the most successful. The conference will also feature a number of interactive workshops, during which attendees will have the opportunity to apply the concepts that they have learnt in the context of their own learning settings. At EAPRIL 2023, attendees will be offered the opportunity to develop unique and successful techniques to enhance collaboration within their educational institutions and beyond.

The conference encourages attendees to contribute their knowledge, experience and insights about the conference theme and connected issues. EAPRIL offers a warm, welcoming and inclusive community to share ideas and explore avenues of thought. In this productive atmosphere we seek answers to today’s challenges in education such as inclusivity, collaboration and equity of opportunity.

Conference location

A unique setting and superb facilities, the Assembly Buildings Conference Centre is one of the finest conference and exhibition venues in the city of Belfast. Built in 1905, in the style of a Scottish Baronial Castle, this historic and ‘one of a kind’ conference venue will be the location for EAPRIL 2023!


Submission for EAPRIL are closed!


Consult our general submission guidelines below.
For format-specific guidelines, click on the highlighted name of each format below.

Submission Guidelines

Present And Discuss symbol 1

Present & Discuss

Present and Discuss sessions allow presenters to present their research and findings in an in-depth manner. These presentations are individually submitted and have already data and results to present. Four presentations are scheduled together on similarities in topic, methodology and/or objectives. Each presenter is given 15 minutes presentation time followed by 5 minutes for questions. At the end of all presentations, a 10-minute collective discussion is organised by the chair.

Present & Discuss sessions consist of 4 linked presentations that are scheduled together in a 90-minute session.

Symposium Symbol


Symposia provide an opportunity to present research on one topic, often from multiple perspectives, compiling a coherent set of papers for discussion. Symposia sessions are directed by a chair, involving three presenters and one discussant. Each presenter will get 15 minutes to present his/her research. After all presentations, the discussant has 15 minutes to present his/her reflections on the preceding presentations and to introduce one or two general statements to the delegates. After these contributions, a general 30 minutes discussion is organised to discuss the theme of the symposium and the related statements in-depth.

Symposia are scheduled for 90 minutes.

Poster Symbol


A poster communicates the main ideas, objectives, results and conclusions of an ongoing research project. Each presenter will be given 3-5 minutes to present his/her poster. Afterwards, the delegates have time to ask questions or start an in-depth discussion with the presenters. Finally, a general discussion (10-15 minutes) will take place in which the main ideas, conclusions and directions for future research and practice are discussed.

Poster sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes.

Workshop Symbol


Workshops are a highly interactive, collaborative session format that demonstrates the practical outcomes of a research project. They induce learning-by-doing, hands-on experience, and an engagement in in-depth active learning. A formal presentation by the workshop leader as such should remain brief. Creative and/or innovative approaches are encouraged, such as brainstorming, associating, panel discussion, role play, debating, voting on statements, think tank, flipping-the-classroom, systemic approaches, simulations, mystery guest and so on.

Workshops are scheduled for 90 minutes.

Case Study Symbol

Case Study

Case studies invite researchers to present a case from practice. A research component can be added to this session but this is not a required condition. Instead, the floor is given to practitioners who wish to share their experiences when designing, implementing or evaluating a practice in class / school / college / university / workplace. In this format there is more time for reflection and in-depth discussion about the case via a hand-on approach. Within one session three thematically linked case studies will be presented. Each practitioner is offered 20 minutes to present his/her case followed by 10 minutes that are dedicated to an in-depth discussion with the audience.

A case study session consists of three linked case studies and is scheduled for 90 minutes.



A roundtable focuses on unfinished or starting projects. In other words, the projects don't have to have actual results. This type of session will not be set-up as a formal presentation but rather as a talk between colleagues. No formal presentation by means of a slideshow presentation is expected. Instead, a 1 page screenshot is advised for the participants of your session that summarises the main ideas and questions central in the discussion. Each presenter will get 15 minutes to outline the main ideas and objectives of the project, as well as to propose 1 or 2 questions that he/she wishes to focus on. This is followed by a 15-minutes discussion per research project.

Three submissions are scheduled together in a timeslot of 90 minutes.

Logo meet ups


A Meet-Up aims to provide an opportunity for delegates to explore and discuss collaboration in starting practice-based projects or research. This session requires no formal presentation but is intended to meet up with colleagues in a more informal context to explore and discuss potential partnerships or collaborations.

All meet-ups are organised together during one parallel timeslot of 90 minutes.



The EAPRIL Best Practice-Based Research Award wishes to acknowledge an outstanding and innovative project that deals with learning and development in the workplace and educational field. More specifically, practice-based research which has a profound impact on the development of both theory and practice is particularly of interest.

At the EAPRIL Conference the nominated projects get the chance to present their project during an exclusive plenary Award Session. The winner will be announced on the last day of the conference.


Thematic Track

The thematic track format focuses on a specific theme and welcomes all contributions that fit within this theme. Deadline: 19 May 23:59 CEST.

All accepted submissions for the thematic track will be clustered together in one or two time slots of 90 minutes.

Thematic track theme


The review process is the most important aspect of organising the EAPRIL conference, as the outcome of this process will determine the quality of the participants' experience. As a result, EAPRIL strives to ensure that the process is rigorous and transparent.

The review process will start once the submission deadline has passed and always consists of two rounds. In the first round all proposals will be reviewed by two reviewers. In the second round all proposals who received a discrepant result in the first round will be reviewed by a third reviewer. Results will be announced once these two round have been concluded.

Each reviewer will be asked to:

  • Provide a numeric score from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) for a number of review criteria, as outlined below;
  • Provide constructive, qualitative feedback describing the strengths as well as the areas which could be developed further.

Consult review guidelines


Meet the EAPRIL 2023 Keynotes!


The prices above include conference participation, lunch and coffee breaks each day from Nov. 22 – Nov. 24 and conference reception.

*After the validation email of your EAPRIL student membership by EAPRIL Office, you will automatically receive the correct student fee when you register for the conference.

Cancellation policy: If you have registered and are prevented from attending the EAPRIL 2023 conference, you will receive a 60% refund up until October 15th 2023. Due to cost incurred, a refund beyond that date is not possible.


We want to welcome you to the EAPRIL conference, where academic research and practice blur and an extraordinary synergy arises. Prepare for an unforgettable experience of inspiration, collaboration, and growth in an environment that values diversity and welcomes all participants with open arms.

Step into a world where international colleagues meet, surpassing the boundaries of your own discipline. Engage in lively debates, establishing connections that have the potential to change the future of education. This is the arena where lines blur, knowledge flows freely, and meaningful collaborations emerge.

Prepare to be enthralled, as our conference is meant to pique your interest and empower your job. Immerse yourself in an interactive atmosphere where the exchange of ideas serves as a catalyst for invention. You will not only obtain useful information, but you will also contribute to the collective wisdom that pulls our field forward.

Come experience the transforming power of connection, cooperation, and camaraderie at the EAPRIL conference. Discover the possibilities that emerge when scholars and practitioners join forces in the pursuit of better learning. We shall reimagine the future of education together and leave a legacy that will transcend borders.

Are you prepared to go on this incredible journey? Mark your calendars and get ready to be immersed in an unparalleled experience that will leave an unforgettable imprint on your professional journey. The EAPRIL conference is waiting for you, eager to release your potential and fire your passion for education advancement.

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Digital Day

We are happy to organise a second edition of the EAPRIL digital day! Are you unable to travel to Belfast in November or have limited funding? You can get a taste of the EAPRIL 2023 conference via the digital day and follow the majority of the first day of our conference online.

An EAPRIL board member will be your host for the day and you will start off with the live stream by our local keynote professor Joanne Hughes (Queen's University Belfast, UK). After the keynote, three hybrid workshops and an (optional) informal social event will complete the day.

The technical team at Assembly Buildings are some of the best audio-visual engineers in Europe (for example a partner in hosting many BBC events) and have a great length of experience with hybrid meetings. We are therefore confident that things will run smoothly!

The registration fee for the digital day is €77 (excl. VAT) and will take place on the 22nd of November.

Digital Day Programme

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Preliminary Programme

Prel Programme23

Conference Dinner

We are beyond excited to host the EAPRIL 2023 Conference Dinner in the Belfast City Hall on the 23rd of November 2023. This prestigious building is centrally located in Belfast and home to the Belfast City Council and Lord Mayor. It opened its doors on the 1st of August 1906, after Queen Victoria granted Belfast its city status in 1888. One of the features of City Hall which visitors enjoy is the collection of stained glass windows that are located throughout the building. The windows which illuminate the Grand Staircase, East Staircase, Principal Rooms and Chamber are all original to the building from 1906. Since opening stained glass windows have been unveiled in City Hall to mark historic events or celebrate the contribution to the city by various individuals, organisations or groups.

We thank Belfast City Council for their kind generosity for the use of City Hall.

A ticket will cost €75 (incl. 20% UK VAT=€90 ) and will include a
welcoming drink as you enter the grand staircase, a seated three course
meal incl. wine, water, coffee/tea and a local entertainment

School Visits

We are pleased to announce the first two school visit packages! On Tuesday November 21st, we are giving you the opportunity to get a real taste of the local educational practice in Northern-Ireland. At the moment we can offer two different school visit packages. Two or more additional packages will follow mid-September, as they can only be confirmed once the school year has started.

Each package will cost €45 (excl. VAT). The price includes a guided visit to two schools (one in the morning, one after noon), transportation to and from the schools and lunch. Each package is a day activity, so please only purchase one package per person. Do take into account that availability is limited and that it's not possible to swap a school visit ticket once purchased.

Package 1: Cranmore Integrated Primary School & Malone Integrated College

Package 2: Glengormley Integrated Primary School & Integrated College Glengormley


Below you can find a selection of hotels in Belfast city center that offer a discount to the EAPRIL delegates! All hotels are within 1 km radius from the conference venue.


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Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Belfast City Center - 4* Hotel

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Hampton by hilton

Hampton by Hilton Belfast City Center - 4* Hotel

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Ibis Belfast City Center- 3* Hotel

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Ten Square - 4* Hotel

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Hilton Belfast - 4* Hotel

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Clayton Hotel Belfast - 4* Hotel

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Maldron Belfast City - 4* Hotel

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Screenshot 2023 07 12 at 11 28 13

Ramada by Wyndham Belfast City Centre - 3* hotel

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Important Dates

  • Submissions Open

  • Submission Deadline

  • Review Deadline

  • Review Results Announced

  • Registrations Open

  • Early Bird Deadline

  • Presenter Registration Deadline

  • Programme Available

  • 22 - 24 November 2023


Become an EAPRIL sponsor

EAPRIL is an interactive conference where 450 researchers, practitioners and other professional educators from all over the world meet each other. We are unique in bringing together those interested in the crossroads between research and practice but also between education and professional learning.

EAPRIL doesn't only want to provide a platform for the dissemination of research but we also want to introduce our delegates to the latest developments in research methodology and instruments, as well as new learning tools for practice. There are different promotion opportunities available that give you the possibility to showcase your product in the presence of a very interesting target group and a chance to network with educational experts.

More information

We wish to thank the following sponsors and exhibitors:

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IRIS Connect

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Representing over 2500 members in more than 60 countries, EARLI is the biggest educational association in Europe. EARLI offers a wide range of activities to support its members in their academic endeavours. Through the Biennial EARLI Conference, Special Interest Groups and research groups, EARLI aims to encourage researchers to meet and discuss in an international context.


EAPRIL 2023 is realised through a unique partnership between EAPRIL, Visit Belfast and Tourism Northern Ireland, supported by the City of Belfast and Belfast City Council.

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City of Belfast

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Visit Belfast

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