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EAPRIL Cloud 8 webinar: 'inclusive education: higher and vocational education'

Written by Dr. Anthony Thorpe & Dr. Sibel Inci

EAPRIL 2022 - Best Poster Award Winner Blog: "Expanding the horizons of studying and working in Education Sciences"

Written by Miguel Correia, MSc and Professor Henrique Vaz, PhD (University of Porto/Center for Research and Intervention in Education)

How to create/become a rebellious and mischievous professional

Written by Hermi Beute

EAPRIL 2022 Best Practice-Based Research Award Nominee: "Learning Task Sharing in Human-Robot Interaction - A Workplace-Based Approach"

Written by Bernd Hader, Sebastian Schlund, Christina Schmidbauer and Setareh Zafari

EAPRIL 2022 Best Practice-Based Research Award Nominee: "TunTuVa -program for enhancing early childhood educators’ skills in co-regulation of emotions"

Written by Kristiina Mänty, Outi Rinta-Homi, Hanna Järvenoja and Susanna Kinnunen

EAPRIL 2022 Best Practice-Based Research Award Nominee: "Student Learning Ambassadors: A Bridge to professional practices"

Written by Ning Ding, Xiaoyan Xu and Marca Wolfensberger

Welcome at EAPRIL 2022: "From formal education to continuous learning"

What happens next? Diversity and equality for those studying and working in education in a 'post-pandemic' context.

Written by Dr. Anthony Thorpe

Connecting educators and (student) teachers in continuous learning

Written by Henderijn Heldens (Phd.) and Nanke Dokter (Phd.)

What can we learn from MOOC Design?

Written by Ning Ding