Online event cloud8

Join Cloud 8 for a webinar about challenging ideas, new methods and different fields for diversity and equality with the following 3 interesting presentations:

  • ‘Focusing on diverse user needs and personas: inclusive tourism as business generator’ by Nele Bylios (PXL University of Applied Sciences, Belgium)
  • ‘Capturing equal educational opportunities: a photovoice exploration of secondary schools’ by Katrien Hermans (University of Hasselt, Belgium)
  • ‘Promoting human dignity in culturally diverse teams’ by Danaë Huijser (University of Humanistic Studies, The Netherlands)

There will be opportunities for attendees to share brief updates on their research, plans for future collaborations and the next annual conference in November.

The event takes place Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 (1030 - 1300 hours CEST). Attendance at this event comes at no cost to anyone! You will receive a confirmation email including ZOOM link within 1 working day after registration. You can register now via this link!