Greetings from Cloud 9: A Three-Cloud Seminar/Webinar "Innovative teaching approaches - EAPRIL clouds in a research-based dialogue"

The EAPRIL Clouds create us a fascinating possibility to discuss and collaborate, not only during the conferences, but also in-between them. This blog reminds you about the possibilities of Cloud 9, but also aims to offer you a pathway to observe the connections of several clouds, to enrich our comprehension. At the moment, Cloud 9 aims to create further collaboration with other networks and universities, to share similar kinds of interests with us. So, please let us hear of you if you would like to connect with us or if you have any question to discuss!

EAPRIL Cloud 9 “Sounds&Arts in Transversal Learning” is constructed on the meanings and interests of sounds as various phenomena on human development and learning, to be gained as a support in teaching and education. It serves us as a window to explore human behavior and wellbeing with various pedagogical and methodological possibilities in various target groups, starting from even the prenatal learning and development, to cover the while lifelong processes, ending to the end of life – with still music, songs and sounds of one’s speech remaining after him. This leads us, besides other questions, also to the targets and interests of two specific clouds, with questions of the development of teaching and learning environments (Cloud 3) and the improvement of learning and well-being in innovations in education (Cloud 4). So, during the last EAPRIL Conference in Portoroz (2018), we found interesting connections and approaches to share together between three clouds, Clouds 3, 4 and 9. The comprehension of Cloud 9 leads us to the deepest levels of human wellbeing and sense-based experiences in learning, and thus the connecting of other learning approaches can easily be found fruitful.

The three clouds are now going further in exploring the collaboration possibilities, and we are offering now an open Seminar to take place in Lausanne during 26.-27.9.2019, with a webinar possibility on the second day, 27.9. During the first day, collaboration towards the conference with the designing of the cloud profiles, and a start for the steering group for Cloud 9 will take place. The webinar includes three presentations with discussions:

  • 9h-9h45 Cloud 3 on “Methods where Practice & Research on Learning & Development Meet” (Prof. Marcelo Giglio)
  • 9H45-10h30 Cloud 4 on "Innovation & well-being in education and on bringing learning into the 21st century" (Dr. Zarina Charlesworth)
  • 11h-11h45 Cloud 9 on “Dialogical-integrative and transdisciplinary approaches explained by the multisensory experiences” (Dr. Kaarina Marjanen & Dr. Hubert Gruber)

Please feel welcome to participate for the whole, or some parts only, depending on your interests and possibilities. We hope to invite participants from many countries, to create a vivid dialogue to continue at the EAPRIL 2019 conference as spotlight sessions and other performances and free discussions, with music and arts in sense-based holistic experiences.

Please join us here:
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You can observe the cloud descriptions via the links given above.

Please also see the video presentation of the Cloud 9 framework

Best regards,

The Cloud 9 coordinators,

Dr. Kaarina Marjanen, Finland

Dr. Hubert Gruber, Austria

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