EAPRIL Best Practice-Based Research Award 2021 Winner POINT: 'Why you should submit your project...'

Our educational research lab POINT was nominated for the Best Practice-Based Research Award. Therefore we had the opportunity to present our project at the EAPRIL Conference. It was a great experience and the best of all was that we won the award! A great reward for our work!

EAPRIL offers a platform for all sorts of practice-based researchers, practitioners and policy makers to discuss, develop and share their research and practices. In our presentation researcher and professionals had a role and shared their experiences. It was great that many EAPRIL-participants joit the session and asked questions and were very interested in our project. We really enjoyed interacting with different professionals and researchers from all over the world. It was an honor to get an international stage to share our story on how we work in our educational research lab POINT.

Winning the award makes us very proud. It really is an acknowledgment for the beautiful work we do. After the EAPRIL Conference we experienced more interest from other professionals and researchers. They contacted us to get more information about POINT and how we successfully connect research and practice. This offered opportunities to extent our network and we feel like more good things are coming!

Do you also have a good practice in which you bridge the gap between practice and research? And do you want to get more attention for your good practice? Send in your submission for EAPRIL Best Practice-Based Research Award by April 25th, 2024 midnight CEST. You can find all necessary information here.

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