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Nanke Dokter cloud 2

Nanke Dokter

Cloud 2 Coordinator

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Henderijn Heldens cloud 2

Henderijn Heldens

Cloud 2 Coordinator

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Mission Statement

This cloud involves practice-based studies and projects related to the professional development of teachers and/or trainers at the workplace or during training and coaching programmes that are strongly related to their activities at the workplace (i.e. post initial learning). As such, a network on issues related to educators’ professional development is aimed for. This network could involve projects and studies on educators’ in-service training, coaching and intervention programmes, and specific master programmes for educators (e.g. learning and innovation, special needs, management courses etc.). All these interventions and programmes aim to stimulate educators’ professional development in terms of their identity, their subjective theories on learning and teaching, their strategies and approaches etc.

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