EAPRIL Executive Board

EAPRIL is governed by an international Executive Board , responsible for setting out the broader strategies and policies of the association. EAPRIL consists of four Subcommittees (SC): Conference, CloudsCommunity Activities & Benefits and Association Development. Each SC consists of several Board Members and focuses on a different aspect. 


SC Conference: Martijn Willemse, Rebecca Eliahoo & Kaarina Marjanen

SC Clouds: Rebecca Eliahoo, Manuel Peixoto & Kaarina Marjanan

SC Community Activities & Benefits: Tom De Schryver & Fazel Ansari

SC Association Development: Fazel Ansari, Tom De Schryver & Manuel Peixoto

Martijn Willemse



Rebecca Eliahoo
Board Member



Manuel Peixoto
Board Member




Kaarina Marjanen
Board Member




Fazel Ansari
Board Member

Tom de Schryver
Board Member






Each EAPRIL Board member can be appointed for a two-year period as Ordinary Board member, which can be renewed once. An extra term of 2 years is possible in case the Board Member is appointed as Chair-Elect and/or Chair. The Board consists of at least six members, i.e. 1 chair and at least 5 ordinary Board members. 

The Executive Boards meets three times a year, i.e. twice in Leuven (Belgium, January & June) at the EAPRIL Office and one time at the annual conference (November). In-between online meetings are organised.

Each Board member is expected to be involved in one or two subcommittees and to set out new and existing activities, in close cooperation with the EAPRIL Office. An overview of the current Executive Board and the respective subcommittees be found on our website

All travel and accommodation expenses for participating in these meetings are covered by the EAPRIL Association.



Candidates must have been a member for 2 years and/or have participated in 2 conferences over the last 5 years.



  1. Open Call for Candidacies shared in March 2019 with the deadline on 25 April.
  2. Shortlist of candidacies by a selection committee, existing of EAPRIL Executive Board and Office members that will continue for an extra term, subsequently approved by the entire EAPRIL Executive Board.
  3. Voting procedure between May 22 and June 15, open to all joined EAPRIL members. More info on the voting procedure will follow later. 
  4. Approval of the voting results by the General Assembly of EAPRIL in September.
  5. All elected candidates will be informed immediately after the General Assembly and are expected to attend the EAPRIL2019 conference, at which the first EAPRIL Executive Board meeting will be organised. The newly appointed chair-elect will be invited to join the EAPRIL Executive Board immediately after the General Assembly.


General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all active members and is chaired by the Chair of the EAPRIL Executive Board. The General Assemly members include:

  • Board members of the present term
  • Past chairs of EAPRIL
  • Coordinators of the EAPRIL Clouds of the present term
  • Conference chair of the previous conference as well as the present chair of the current conference year
  • Editors of EAPRIL journals and/or other publications

The General Assembly is convened at least once a year to approve the accounts of the past year, the budget for the next year, and to discharge the directors and staff. In addition to these formal responsibilties, the General Assembly meets at the annual EAPRIL Conference to discuss the further development of the association.


Governed by an international Executive Board, the day-to-day management of the EAPRIL activities is carried out by the EAPRIL Office, located in Leuven (Belgium).


Patrick Belpaire
Managing Director




Inneke Berghmans
Project Manager



Lore Verschakelen
EAPRIL Project assistant
Publications, logistics & support



Tonia Davison
EAPRIL Project assistant
Membership, finances & support


Stef Heremans

EAPRIL Project Assistant
Logistics, support & promotion