Practical Info

Travel to Kufstein

Arriving by plane

The closest airports are:

  1. Airport Innsbruck (75km - app. 1 driving hour)
  2. Airport Salzburg (100km - app. 1 driving hour)
  3. Airport Munich (140km - app. 1,5 driving hour)

To get from the airport to Kufstein there are different options:

  1. Rent a car
  2. By train
  3. Transfer Tyrol : this is an ecology-minded and quality proven bus shuttle for travelers from the airports Munich and Innsbruck directly to Kufstein. The shuttle service can easily be booked up to 72 hours before travel date at

Arriving by car

Arriving from the north (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium etc.): take highway A8 towards Salzburg - when arriving at the Inntal triangle take the highway A93 towards Kufstein. 

Arriving from the west (Switzerland): take highway A12 (Inntal motorway) towards Kufstein.

Arriving from the east: via the West Highway A1 towards Salzburg - via the highway A8 towards Munich - when arriving at the Inntal triangle take the highway A93 toward Kufstein. 

Arriving from the south (Italy): highway A22 towards Brenner - highway A13 towards Innsbruck - highway A12 (Inntal motorway) towards Kufstein.

Motorway exits: Kufstein Süd, Kufstein Nord

Vignette: Driving on Austrian motorways requires the purchase of a vignette/toll sticker. These are available at the borders, petrol stations and automobile clubs and costs 8,70 EUR for a 10-day sticker. 

Arriving by train

One of the great advantages by traveling by train is that you can be completely relaxed. There is no need to worry about being stuck in traffic, winter tires, snow chains and route planning. Simply select the time you wish to travel and hop aboard! Kufstein lies along an international train route Munich-Innsbruck-Brenner-Verona. It is situated on the border of Austria and Germany and so all major intercity trains stop at the station.

Check out the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) timetable here.

Accomodation in Kufstein

There are plenty of places to sleep in Kufstein which offers a wide range of hotels in various categories. Next to a large offer of hotels there are also private rooms, bed & breakfast pensions and guesthouses available. There are also plenty of hotels and other sleeping arrangements located in the surrounded towns. 

The following hotels offer special prices for EAPRIL delegates. To enjoy these special prices please make sure to make your reservation with the codeword "eapril". 

Please note that there is an additional tax of EUR 2,00 EUR ppn (local tax) - including KusteinerlandCard 

If you need support or further information, please contact the tourist board in Kufstein at

Hotel Andreas Hofer Kufstein
Hotel**** Andreas Hofer

single room: EUR 75,00 ppn
double room for single occupancy: EUR 95,00 ppn
double room: EUR 70,00 ppn

For more information click here.


Hotel Stadt Kufstein
Hotel*** Stadt Kufstein
single room: EUR 90,00 ppn
double room for single occupancy: EUR 110,00 ppn
double room: EUR 75,00 ppn
For more information click here.


Hotel Alpenrose
Hotel**** Alpenrose

double room for single occupancy: EUR 95,00 ppn
double room: EUR 70,00 ppn

For more information click here.

Hotel Kufsteinerhof
Hotel*** Kufsteinerhof

single room: EUR 51,00 ppn
double room for single occupancy: from EUR 62,00 ppn
double room: from EUR 45,00 ppn 

For more information click here.

arte Hotel Kufstein

arte Hotel Kufstein
double room for single occupancy: EUR 109,00 ppn
double room: EUR 92,50 ppn

For more information click here.

Hotel Goldener Löwe

Hotel*** Goldener Löwe
single room: EUR 62,00 ppn
double room for single occupancy: EUR 76,20 ppn
double room: EUR 55,00 ppn

For more information click here.

Hotel Zur Schanz Ebbs

Hotel**** Zur Schanz Ebbs
single room: EUR 75,00 ppn
double room for single occupancy: EUR 95,00 ppn
double room: EUR 70,00 ppn

For more information click here.

Hotel Sattlewirt Ebbs Kufstein

Hotel**** Sattlewirt Ebbs
double room for single occupancy: EUR 85,00 ppn
double room: EUR 64,00 ppn

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Kufstein offers a wide range of restaurants and other dining options. Below you can find some suggestions that are located in the city centre:


Restaurant Auracher Löchl / Restaurant PurlepausLiebelei - erlesene Weinkost
Pizzeria Mamma Puccini / Hans im Glück / Enoteca Miro
Vitus & UrbanEgger's Kufstein / Restaurant - Bar Ambiente
Bräustüberl / Wu Sushi & / Tapas Atelier
Pizzeria La Piazza / Restaurant Andreas Hofer / Restaurant Goldener Löwe
Restaurant Kufsteinerhof / Alpenrose Hotel - Restaurant
Indisches Restaurant Bombay


If you need any support or further information, please contact the tourist board in Kufstein at


Historic style and urban living in the fortress town of Kufstein

The path heads slightly downhill. Cobblestones. Colourful house facades. Scrollwork. Lovely details. Coffee tables tempt you to enjoy some refreshments. The latest trends in the shop windows. Appreciating. Strolling around. Your gaze is drawn upwards. The landmark of Kufstein sits enthroned on its elevated position in the centre of the town. Historic style on the lush banks of the River Inn surrounded by the Tyrol mountains in the fortress town of Kufstein.

Town meets nature, surrounded by history
Meadows. Forests. Lakes. The nature conservation areas of the Wilder and Zahmer Kaiser mountains in sight. Historic charm meets cultural delectation. Operetta summer Kufstein. Kufstein Unlimited. Markets and ‘Genusstage’ reveal the many facets of the fortress town. A medieval spectacle at the knights’ festival. Alpine delights during the cattle drive, which proceeds right through the town. Contemplative moments during the magic of Christmas. Culinary specialities, from the wine festival to the Pop up ‘Natur.Küche’. Strong brands which have an international presence. Riedel Glass. Taking the Kaiserlift into the Tyrol mountains to enjoy a natural adventure in the Kaiser mountains. The natural landscape of Tyrol combined with the urban style of the fortress town of Kufstein.


Below you can find more information on the main tourist attractions of Kufstein

Kufstein Fortress

Kufstein Fortress_MarkusPlank

The journey leads slowly upwards. The fortress town gradually comes into view in all its diversity. Up above the rooftops. Away from the hustle and bustle of the town. It gets dark. The Kaiser Maximilian panoramic railway has reached the fortress. Thick walls. Narrow alleyways. Underground passages. Wide-ranging views across Kufsteinerland. The mountains of Tyrol as a backdrop. The era of knights is brought back to life. Kufstein Fortress, one of the most significant historical monuments in Tyrol. An attractive world of adventure. A spectacular and unique events location.

For more information click here.

Römerhofgasse Kufstein

Römerhofgasse Kufstein

The red window shutters stand open, providing a veritable frame for the little windows with the white glazing bars. Little bays wherever you look. Balcony flowers and little pots transform the façades into a sea of flowers. Little alleys branch off. Narrow. Cutting through between houses. The smell is enticing. The eyes are caught by the paintings on the house walls. A place of amazement. Delving into the world of old. An alley through a world which begins with "once upon a time". The Römerhofgasse in Kufstein.

For more information click here.

Tyrolean glass works Riedel Kufstein

Tyrolean glass works Riedel Kufstein

t's warm. Very warm. There are furnaces in every corner. Open fires. Hissing and clattering. He concentrates and turns the metal rod with his left hand. His other hand reaches for the glowing shaft, and slowly stretches it. A Riedel glass is created. Glass art surrounded by the Tyrolean Mountains of Kufsteinerland.

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Haflinger stud farm Ebbs-the world centre of Haflingers (Attraction in Ebbs -->10 min. by car)

Haflinger stud farm Ebbs

The little colt frolics wildly around the meadow, stops, takes two steps, and then rears up briefly. The mares seem unimpressed by his little performance, and focus instead on enjoying the grass. Haflinger idyll at the world Haflinger centre, the Stud Farm Ebbs.

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Schmider distillery Ebbs (Attraction in Ebbs -->10 min. by car)

Schmider distillery Ebbs

He stretches his arms out toward her. Holds her carefully. A searching look. A satisfied smile. The cider pears are ripe. Harvest time. His great-grandfather planted the tree that, in addition to many other trees, supplies the base product for his passion. Fine brandy. Fruit schnapps. Albert Schmider brings together the sweetness of the pears and the distinctive character of the apples in his liquid love.

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Bierol craft beer brewery (Attraction in Schwoich --> 10 min. by car)

Bierol craft beer brewery

Boundaries are there to be crossed. That's something that Maximilian Karner, Christoph Bichler and Marko Nikolic agree on. These three beer brewing fans from Schwoich have been mixing up the Austrian craft beer scene since 2014. With unusual beer creations that classic breweries don't dare brew. True to their motto: life is too short to always drink the same beer.

At the end of 2012, after Peter Bichler opened his private brewery in a district of Kufstein, his son Christoph came back from an internship in the USA with an unusual idea. He had discovered craft beer. Once back home he got going straight away. His school friend Maximilian Karner joined up as an accomplice. In their free time they experimented with various types of hops and malt. Very much in keeping with the craft beer scene, which was formed in America 30 years ago. It's a counter movement to the similarity of beers available from industrial breweries. However nothing about the brewing process changes: they create a mash of spring water and malt. The starch in the malt changes into sugar during the mashing process. Then it is filtered out and fed to the neighbour's cows. The liquid is boiled with hops. Depending on the type, this hops is responsible for the bitterness of the beer, but also for aromas such as mango and grapefruit. Depending on the taste of the brew master. This is the difference compared to other beers: "We want to brew aromatic beer, which we think tastes good", explains Christoph Bichler. The mixture is then mixed with yeast, and cooled. The yeast transforms the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The finished beer rests for up to six weeks before being filled into bottles. Tyrol's first craft beer brewery emerged step by step.

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