EAPRIL is happy to support the dissemination process of its presenters. Please find below links to the posters presented at EAPRIL2019. If you wish to share your EAPRIL2019 poster with the EAPRIL community, please share it via email (info@eapril.org).

The technological onion of MAES: a Teacher Training Course in active learning methodologies
Azenaide Abreu Soares Vieira, Matheus Souza

Engagement for learning physics: a qualitative study of students' perspective
Daria Rovan, Ema Petričević

Perspectives on the induction process - a qualitative study
Daria Rovan

Adapting teacher education to prepare for innovative schools
Edwin Buijs, Helma Oolbekkink-Marchand

Skills Navigator: Enhancing 21st century skills
Elena Van den Broeck

Moral distress in secondary school teachers
Evelyne Depoorter

Can every student become a digital information professional?
Kimberly Verhaest, Wouter De Meester

Teaching French Through Dynamic Assessment: The Case Of The First Year Undergraduate Students F.L.E
Sahraoui Lafrid

Factors for succesful design and implication for hybrid learning environments
Maud Hendrickx, Maria Custers

Using e-portfolio to facilitate self-directed learning in community service learning
Melissa De Wilde, Jo Tondeur

Howest EdHub: the interaction between didactics, learning space and technology
Rina Dauwens, Basiel Bonne, Tijs Verbeke

Entrepreneurial Competencies in Creative Specialties as a Key to Regional Specialization
Tiiu Männiste

Supporting learner autonomy for work readiness
Timo Halttunen, Anders Karkov, Leena Erälinna, Christian Ribeiro Maagard Dragin-Jensen

The intended classroom management curriculum in student teachers' internship
Tom Adams, Bob Koster, Perry den Brok

Building a bridge between relevance and rigor in graduation projects
Pieter Schilder, Lisette Munneke

The student learning experience in hybrid learning configurations
Jan Kamphorst

Collaborative visual research on the reform of junior high schools (age 12-14 years)
Leen Alaerts, Ruth Wouters, Alice Dumon, Nick Goemaere, Anne Decelle