Interactive Workshop

Interactive workshop 'Practical Solutions for Hybrid Teaching'

When? March 29th, 2022 from 16:00 - 18:00 CEST
Where? Online

Registration? €20 p.p.


The COVID-pandemic has changed our way to teach: In addition to traditional face-to-face and online settings we have moved towards hybrid modes of teaching and learning, and this trend is predicted to continue also in post-pandemic education.But what exactly is hybrid teaching and how can we translate this into our daily teaching practices? In this interactive workshop we will tell you a bit more about the topic, and together with other teachers we offer and facilitate you to co-construct practical models which are mainly focused on higher education on how to conduct hybrid teaching in your own classroom. 

Programme of the workshop

  • Welcome
  • Inspiring speeches by experienced experts
  • Collaborative problem-solving exercise:

Case by higher education teacher: 

"Nowadays most of my classes are taught in hybrid mode. I would like to follow the idea of collaborative learning, but I experience it very challenging since there are students both in campus and online. I don’t know how to script the learning situation in a way that students feel that they are part of one group and that I can pay equal attention to both distance and on-campus students. Also, in my class, I have basic technological facilities and I know how to use them. The learning design should be such that these basic tools are enough." 

  • Collective wrap-up

You can find the presentations that were used during the workshop here:

PPT speaker Dr. Jari Laru 

PPT general workshop