EAPRIL Executive Board

EAPRIL is governed by an international Executive Board , responsible for setting out the broader strategies and policies of the association. There are three portfolio committees (PC): Conference, Clouds & In-between activities and Association Development. Each PC consists of several Board Members and focuses on a different aspect of the association.

Martijn Willemse
PC Conference & General Directing



Profile picture Nick Gee

Nick Gee
EAPRIL Chair elect
PC Conference



Zarina Charlesworth
Board Member
PC Association Development & PC Clouds and In-between Activities

HarryStokhofHarry Stokhof
Board Member

PC Conference & PC Association Development

HarryStokhofEssi Ryymin
Board Member

PC Clouds and In-between Activities


Elke Emmers
Board Member
PC Conference & PC Association Development

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all active members and is chaired by the Chair of the EAPRIL Executive Board. The General Assemly members include:

  • Board members of the present term
  • Past chairs of EAPRIL
  • Coordinators of the EAPRIL Clouds of the present term
  • Conference chair of the previous conference as well as the present chair of the current conference year
  • Editors of EAPRIL journals and/or other publications

The General Assembly is convened at least once a year to approve the accounts of the past year, the budget for the next year, and to discharge the directors and staff. In addition to these formal responsibilties, the General Assembly meets at the annual EAPRIL Conference to discuss the further development of the association.


Governed by an international Executive Board, the day-to-day management of the EAPRIL activities is carried out by the EAPRIL Office, located in Leuven (Belgium).


Patrick Belpaire
Managing Director



Stef Heremans

EAPRIL Association Manager
Association management, EAPRIL conference, events, communication & promotion