The EAPRIL2021 Conference will take place online from November 24-26, 2021.

Please be invited to check out the EAPRIL 2021 conference programme in pdf-format here. 

You can also already check out the EAPRIL 2021 book of abstracts here.


We are happy to announce our EAPRIL2021 keynote speakers: 

Anastasia Sergeeva

Assoc. prof. Anastasia Sergeeva

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NETHERLANDS)

"Workplace learning in the digital age: insights from ethnographies in organizations"

Sanna Järvelä

Prof. Sanna Järvelä

LET Research Unit, University of Oulu (FINLAND)

"Strengthening human capabilities with digital technologies for ongoing learning needs"

Social Activities

During the EAPRIL2021 online conference we are organising some fun and interactive social activities to provide formal and informal spaces for conference delegates to meet, network and relax between and after sessions. Please note that some of them will be offered free of charge. For other activities we will be asking a small entry price. To get an overview of all social activities please consult the preliminary conference programme (see above)

Below you can find an overview of the social activities for which you need to register beforehand (and  possibly pay a small entry price):


WEDNESDAY 24/11 from 18:30 - 20:30 CET

Educational Movie "Digital Nation" with moderation by Dr. Tom De Schryver - free of charge
On Wednesday evening, we would like to invite you to come and watch the interesting educational movie "Digital Nation" together with us. The movie will be shown from 18:30 - 20:00 CET and afterwards there will be a short discussion of approx. 30 minutes about the movie moderated by Dr. Tom De Schryver.

Please register for this event here (free of charge). 

THURSDAY 25/11 from 19:00 - 20:00 CET

Virtual Quiz - 7,5 EUR p.p.
What could be more fun than getting to know each other a little better during an interactive virtual quiz? The quiz will be hosted by a professional quiz master who will test your knowledge on many different areas. Fun guaranteed! Please note that registration for this activity is mandatory and it cannot be combined with the Virtual Cocktail Workshop.


Virtual Cocktail Workshop - 5 EUR p.p.
Mixing your own EAPRIL cocktail while getting the possibility to network with other conference participants. That is what this virtual cocktail workshop is all about. Every participant will receive an ingredient list beforehand and during the workshop a professional cocktail maker will instruct you step by step on how to prepare your drink! Ingredient lists for non-alcoholic drinks will also be available. Cheers! Please note that registration for this activity is mandatory and it cannot be combined with the Virtual Quiz.

Registration for the two social events organised on Thursday evening is mandatory. Tickets can be purchased here.



Below you can find an overview of the cloud activities organised at the EAPRIL 2021 online conference:

Meet the EAPRIL Clouds Timeslot

On the first conference day (24/11) we will organise an exclusive Meet the EAPRIL Clouds Timeslot from 10:30 – 11:00 CET. During this timeslot all clouds will host parallel sessions in which the cloud coordinators will introduce their cloud and cloud activities, and which will give you, as a conference delegate, the opportunity to get acquainted with the Clouds.

Cloud Spotlight Sessions

All Clouds will also host a Cloud Spotlight Session/Symposium which will give you an insight into what type of work/research the cloud and cloud coordinators are occupied with. Please be invited to join one or more of the cloud spotlight sessions and meet fellow experts in your cloud field(s).

Cloud Exhibition Booths

In o􏰨􏰢ur 􏰥Ex􏰩hibi􏰣t Hall􏰦 each EA􏰫PRIL clou􏰨d w􏰤ill have its own Cloud booth, where you can find more information about the cloud and upcoming cloud activities. You can also easily find the contact details of the cloud coordinators. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them (via private chat) should you have any questions.


Given that the EAPRIL conference and presentations are well-known for its interactive nature, we would like to share some general (online) presentation guidelines with you. 

The Pheedloop platform offers a stable, scalable, and reliable conference solution that is incredibly easy to use. Most importantly, PheedLoop offers a full integration with Zoom, which means that all sessions will benefit from the functionalities that Zoom has to offer (i.e., stable and reliable connection, screensharing, breakout rooms, ...) without the need to leave the PheedLoop platform. Please be invited to make use of these functionalities as much as possible. Our EAPRIL Helpers are also always available to assist you with this, if necessary. 

We advise you to keep your camera switched on at all times during your presentation as this makes the connection with your audience easier. Besides that we also advise you not to use too much text on your presentation slides and to keep your audience engaged by asking them questions, using polls, using tools such as Mentimeter, Padlets,... 

All sessions are schedules for 90 minutes. Please feel free to also check out the outline of the different types of sessions on our website here.


For this online conference, the role of the chair is critically important in ensuring an engaging and participatory experience for everyone. For all sessions, chairs are asked to do two key things: keep track of time and enabling the discussion.

If you are acting as a chair, we encourage you to read through our guidelines for further information and advice on how to fulfill this role. Please note that in every session there will be an EAPRIL Helper present to help you with getting the session started and provide immediate support. 


If you are a poster presenter at the conference you will present your poster during one of the poster sessions scheduled on Wednesday November 24th from 11:30 - 13:00 CET. Please consult our poster guidelines to prepare your presentation.

All posters presented at the EAPRIL2021 conference will be eligible for the Best Poster Award. Besides the presentation of your poster, your poster will stay available throughout the entire conference in the Poster Hall.