Best Practice-Based Research Award

The EAPRIL Best Practice-Based Research (BPBR) Award wishes to acknowledge an outstanding and innovative project that deals with learning and development in the workplace and educational field. More specifically, practice-based research which has a profound impact on the development of both theory and practice is particularly of interest.

Submissions for the EAPRIL 2022 Award are closed now. You can still check out our guidelines, criteria and procedure below: 

Our 3 nominees for the EAPRIL 2022 Best Practice-Based Research Award are:



Previous Laureates BPBR Award

Award Winner 2021
Anouke Bakx and team
"POINT: A sustainable educational research lab for professionalization in the field of giftedness"


Award Winner 2020
EAPRIL2020 conference was cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis so no award has been reached out in 2020. 


Award Winner 2019
Eric Roldan Roa and team
'MusicMath Methodology: a creative / innovative approach for teaching and learning mathematics'


Award Winner 2018
Erkko Sointu and team
'Flipping Finland'


Award Winner 2017
Heidi Knipprath and team
'Integrated STEM makes a difference'

Award Winner 2016
Harry Stokhof
'Teacher guidance for effective student questioning'

Award Winner 2015
Kim Schildkamp
'Data team procedure for professional development and school improvement'

Award Winner 2014
Alberto Cattaneo
'Using mobile technologies for helping apprentice chefs to assemble learning experiences from various arts and places - a project of the Leading House "Dual-T Technologies for vocational training'

Award Winners 2013
Anette & Geoff Hilton
'Proportional reasoning as a key to numeracy across the curriculum: A collaboration between practitioners and researchers'

Award Winner 2012
Luc Nijs
'The Music Paint Machine. An embodied constructivist approach to technology-enhanced instrumental music instruction'

Best Poster Award

Each year EAPRIL also reaches out a Best Poster Award during the EAPRIL Conference to recognise the poster with the best overall research design, visual design and oral presentation.

The aim of the award is to offer attention, appreciation and recognition to posters and to involve conference participants in the awarding procedure. 

The winner of the EAPRIL 2021 Best Poster Award is "Ubuntu, Manjaro, & Raspbian OS in K-12. Designing open-source interfaces for digital citizenship" by MA. Mathieu Payn, Prof. HEP Dr Lionel Alvarez, Prof. HEP Dre Kostanca Çuko, MA. Ania Tadlaoui-Brahmi. 


EAPRIL 2021 Best Poster Award winner