Erasmus+ Funding Seminar

Erasmus + Funding Seminar

Together with EAEC, EAPRIL will organise on Sunday November 11 (10h - 17h15) - the day before the start of the EAPRIL2018 Conference - a hands-on Erasmus+ Training Seminar for all participants that wish to learn more about Erasmus + Project Proposals and Funding. From how to structure your proposal to how to set-up your budget, all important matters will be discussed (see list of content further on this page).



The 3 Key Actions (KA1, KA2, KA3) will be discussed. Focus will be given to the KA2 field programmes like Strategic Partnerships, Knowledge Alliances and Sector Skills Alliances. Speciifc examples with analysis of a full proposal will be given, using examples from KA2 Strategic Partnerships. Effective management and related useful tools will be explored as well. 


  • Introduction to ERASMUS+ Programme
  • Objectives / Priorities 
  • Structure of a proposal
  • Networking and partner search
  • Eligible activities
  • Tools for background preparation
  • Work distribution to partners
  • Outputs and work plan
  • Staff cost estimation and Operational Expenses
  • Budget
  • Quality Assurance and Contingency Plan
  • Review of approved proposals, KA1, KA2
  • Management of the project after approval
  • Practical work, if time allows


No experience with Erasmus + funding is required. The seminar is addressed to those who have never participated or have been partners in projects and plan to be coordinators, now or in the future. The content will be useful to those who are interested in mostly the administration of such projects, those who may have research or development type ideas, or teachers who like to receive funding for collecting good practices or for developing and testing new methods etc.


  • 80 EURO for the 1-day seminar, including lunch and coffee breaks, and course material
  • Register via the regular EAPRIL2018 Registration system – a ticket for this course can be added when ordering your conference ticket (


Please find enclosed more information on the timeline and trainer.