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Description of the funded project


The Annual Conference of the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning: The EAPRIL2019 Conference “Meaningful Learning in Different Settings” takes place in Tartu, 26-29.11.2019 and is a place where educational researchers and practitioners meet. EAPRIL promotes practice-based education research and combines two unique networks that focus on learning in specific contexts: schools and corporate learning.


Objective(s) of the project


  • to share experiences on the meaning of learning in a variety of settings: at school, at work, and in everyday life;
  • to provide diverse opportunities for Estonian researchers and organizations to cooperate with the European community of educational practitioners; 
  • to introduce the work of Estonian researchers and educational projects of organizations; 
  • to introduce Tartu as a high-level research city; 
  • to introduce Estonia and Tartu as an attractive and professional conference destination.


Results of the project


Expected Outcome: 

  • A four-day conference has been held;
  • Popularity of Tartu as a destination for research tourism and cooperation is growing;
  • Estonian researchers and organizations have found additional opportunities to cooperate with European researchers and practitioners of education;
  • European researchers and practitioners of education have increased awareness of the research of the University of Tartu and other Estonian researchers and the innovative educational projects of Estonian organisations;
  • The popularity of Estonia as an exciting and cultural tourism destination, including a conference destination has grown.


Name of fund


European Regional Development Fund


Amount of Aid


30.000 EUR