BR&PP Award 2019

The EAPRIL Best Research and Practice Project (BR&PP) Award recognises projects by practitioner researchers in the field of education, learning and instruction, and training and development, which exceptionally contribute to educational practice.

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The review procedure is now in full swing! All applications are reviewed by the Awarding Committee which is an external jury of experts who are active in different fields and institutions. They will evaluate the applications shortlist a selection of projects ahead of the conference. On the basis of the written applications and their presentation at the conference, the awarding committee will decide on the winner. 



    Best Poster Award

    Each year EAPRIL also reaches out a Best Poster Award during the EAPRIL Conference. The winner is chosen by the audience who is asked to rate the best poster, based on the following criteria

    • Best research design

    • Most visually attractive Design

    • Best quality of oral presentation