BR&PP Award 2019

The EAPRIL Best Research and Practice Project (BR&PP) Award recognises projects by practitioner researchers in the field of education, learning and instruction, and training and development, which exceptionally contribute to educational practice.

Also in 2019 EAPRIL aims to offer exposure to these great projects and award them for their contribution to education and learning.

As of February 14, 2019 you are invited to submit your project for the Best Research and Practice Project Award 2019 via the following link! Select 'Best Research & Practice Project Award 2019' as format to submit.

Please find here more info on the criteria.

    Winner BR&PP Award 2018

    Congratulations to Erkko Sointu and his team (University of Eastern Finland, Finland) for winning the 7th Best Research & Practice Project Award for their project 'Flipping Finland'.

    Please find out more about this award winning project in the elevator pitch presentation (see below) and in the article published on our blog


    Winner BR & PP Award 2018 Flipping Finland



    We also wish to acknowledge the other nominee for their excellent project and presentation!

    Anje Ros, Linda van den Bergh et al. (Fontys University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands)

    'Knowledge utilization for sustainable and evidence-informed school development'

    Please find their elevator pitch below

    Best Poster Award

    EAPRIL is happy to award the best Poster at the EAPRIL Conference, as voted by the EAPRIL conference participants.

    The audience is asked to rate the best poster, based on the following criteria

    • Best research design

    • Most visually attractive Design

    • Best quality of oral presentation


    Congratulations to Olga Ioannidou (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU), Germany) for winning the Best Poster Award, with her poster "What is meant by socioscientific argumentation? A practical guide for science teachers"

    Winner of EAPRIL Best Poster 2018 Olga Ioannidou


    EAPRIL Poster Olga Ioannidou Winner Best Poster


    Previous Laureates BR&PP Award

    Award Winner 2018
    Erkko Sointu and team
    'Flipping Finland'


    Award Winner 2017
    Heidi Knipprath and team
    'Integrated STEM makes a difference'

    Award Winner 2016
    Harry Stokhof
    'Teacher guidance for effective student questioning'

    Award Winner 2015
    Kim Schildkamp
    'Data team procedure for professional development and school improvement'

    Award Winner 2014
    Alberto Cattaneo
    'Using mobile technologies for helping apprentice chefs to assemble learning experiences from various arts and places - a project of the Leading House "Dual-T Technologies for vocational training'

    Award Winners 2013
    Anette & Geoff Hilton
    'Proportional reasoning as a key to numeracy across the curriculum: A collaboration between practitioners and researchers'

    Award Winner 2012
    Luc Nijs
    'The Music Paint Machine. An embodied constructivist approach to technology-enhanced instrumental music instruction'