Staff Exchange


EAPRIL is currently exploring with our local organising insitutes the opportunity of a staff exchange activity for which you may request to your home institution an Erasmus+ grant, in the week our EAPRIL conference is held (NOVEMBER 12-14). As a result, our participants could potentially take this interesting option into account when organising their trip to Slovenia and/or funding. We'll keep you updated.

The funded staff exchange falls under the Erasmus staff mobility funding. This involves the exchange of staff for staff training purposes.

More information on the possible programme organised will be announced later on in 2018.



Important info about this funding opportunity:

  • Only participants whose institutes have an ERASMUS + PIC code can apply for the staff exchange funding and make a staff exchange to HAMK. HAMK will then organise the staff exchange activities in the same week the EAPRIL conference is held.
  • The Erasmus + staff exchange grant provides a contribution to your costs for travel and subsistence during your time in Hämeenlinna. However the grant does not cover the conference registration costs, as conferences are not eligible by Erasmus+ programme rules.
  • Staff mobility activities can last from min.two days to max.two months, excluding travel time.

Please consult the Erasmus+ coordinator at your institute or your National Agency who can guide you through the necessary steps. Please note: It is very important to contact your institution or National Agency before your visit.



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