Cloud 12: Leadership in Education


Loes van Wessum

Cloud coordinator

Ellen Daniëls

Cloud coordinator

Mission statement

There is an increasing body of knowledge indicating that leaders in education play an important role in developing a professional culture in schools and evidence-informed education (Levin, 2010). Also, leadership is an important factor with regard to sustainable implementation and teacher agency as well as a school culture of inquiry (Coleman, 2009). However, little is known about leaders’ professional development. And although professional development gains more and more attention worldwide, there is little evidence on effective strategies for leaders’ formal and non-formal learning. This cloud aims for researchers and practitioners to collaborate in order to search for effective learning strategies for leaders in different contexts and at different levels. Main focus will be on learning strategies of leaders with regard to learning to lead the school as a professional learning community.


This cloud involves practice-based studies and projects related to the professional development of leaders at the workplace or during training and coaching programs that are strongly related to their activities at the workplace.  A network of practitioner-researchers interested in this topic is aimed for. We are interested in leadership practices contributing to teachers' learning which improves school development, also, we are interested in the ways in which leaders learn how to develop successful leadership practices. Other research topics concerning leadership in education can be submitted by colleagues joining the cloud. This cloud involves topics in the context of primary, secondary and vocational education.


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Clouds 3 and 12 organized an interactive webinar at the start of summer on July 3, 2018. Loes Van Wessum, Marcelo Giglio and Rebecca Eliahoo presented and discussed on the topic: "How collaboration can contribute to the professional development of teachers and leaders in education."

You can watch the webinar recording via the following link: