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Loes van Wessum

Cloud coordinator

Ellen Daniëls

Cloud coordinator

Mission statement

Leadership in education is a well-known influencing factor in developing an effective school culture and evidence-informed education (Levin, 2010). Leadership in education is an important factor for the overall achievements of educational institutions and influences for instance the sustainable implementation of actions, teacher agency and a culture of inquiry (Coleman, 2009; Leithwood, Sun, & Pollock, 2017). Even though leadership is important, little is known about professional development of leaders in education (Leithwood, 2019). Professional development gains more attention worldwide, however little evidence exists on effective strategies for leaders’ formal and informal learning.

Cloud 12 focuses on leadership in education, more particular on learning strategies for leaders with regard to learning to lead the school as a professional learning community. So practice-based studies related to the professional development of leaders are subject of the clouds’ focus. The cloud is also open to research about leadership practices contributing to teachers' learning with regard to school development, and ways in which leaders learn to develop successful leadership practices.

In summary, Cloud 12 focuses on various research topics concerning leadership in education in the context of primary, secondary and vocational education. Researchers and practitioners are the most welcome to network and collaborate during cloud sessions and/or cloud activities, and of course to present their own research findings.

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Save the date - April 1, 2020

Due to the recent COVID 19 developments, the symposium is cancelled on April 1 and will be postponed. Cloud 7 & 12 are working together with the speakers to organise the symposium as planned, but on a different date after summer. We will keep you updated! 

Joined Cloud 7 & 12 event "Leadership for developing a collaborative and inquisitive learning culture in schools"

The EAPRIL Clouds ‘Leadership in Education’ and ‘Research Impact on School Development’ are happy to invite you to their Cloud symposium, April 1 2020, in Almere (the Netherlands) (13.00-16.15. followed by drinks).

In order to deal with the complex and wicked problems schools are confronted with, it is important for schools to focus on collaboration and inquiry, and a learning environment for all that enhances teachers to work on their continuous and collective professional development. Collaboratively teachers are encouraged to realise educational improvements in a way that optimally facilitates students and their own professionals learning processes.

School leaders can contribute to the development of schools to be a great place to work and learn, but they do not always know how to enhance their impact. In this symposium we hope to inspire school leaders to reflect on leadership practices contributing to a collaborative and inquisitive learning culture as a solid base for continuous curriculum and school improvement.

In this symposium practitioners and researchers will join forces. Researchers will present research on various topics concerning leading and encouraging such a learning culture in schools. School leaders from primary and secondary education will share their stories from practice.  We are excited that the keynote will be given by an internationally famous and important researcher in the field of school development and leadership, Prof Dr. Karen Seashore Louis. She will shine her light on leadership practices contributing to a rich learning environment for all.

Please note that the Keynote is organised in English, followed by various seminars in Dutch.

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Previous events Cloud 12

April 4, 2019: Leading a Research Culture (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
In cooperation with Cloud 7, Cloud 12 welcomed 120 participants during an interactive seminar on 'Leading a Research Culture'. In addition to an interesting keynote speech by Dr. Inge Andersen,various sessions and workshops were organised. Please read some reflections about this event via our EAPRIL Blog.

July 3, 2018: "How collaboration can contribute to the professional development of teachers and leaders in education." (Webinar)
Clouds 3 and 12 organized an interactive webinar at the start of summer on July 3, 2018. Loes Van Wessum, Marcelo Giglio and Rebecca Eliahoo presented and discussed on the topic: "How collaboration can contribute to the professional development of teachers and leaders in education."

You can watch the webinar recording via the following link:


Cloud 7 & 12 event: seminar on ‘Leading a Research Culture’ (in cooperation with Penta Nova)

How collaboration can contribute to the professional development of teachers and educational leaders